Dec 31, 2010 Sign In NetZero Email

NetZero provides various Internet services, including dial-up connections with 10 free hours a month, and the ability to connect to your home page through a dial-up NetZero account or through an existing high-speed Internet connection. When you connect to NetZero, you automatically go to your personal home page, which you can customize to match your own interests. You may configure your web browser to automatically go to your NetZero home page when you click the browser's "Home" icon.

1. Log in to your NetZero account by going to your NetZero homepage on your Web browser, then entering your username and password and clicking the "Sign In" button. This opens your personal NetZero home page.

2. Click the "down-arrow" button in the header of each section of the page. This gives you options for repositioning that section. Reposition the sections to your taste.

3. Click the "Edit" link in the "Stock Quotes" header to specify which stocks will be displayed in this section in addition to the major indexes, which are always displayed. Click "Save" when you are done entering stock symbols to return to your home page.

4. Click the "Edit" link in the Weather header to specify the zip codes you want weather information about. Click "Save" when done entering zip codes to return to your home page.

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