Jan 12, 2011

Halifax Online Login page – Www.halifax-online.co.uk Online banking Sign in

www.halifax.co.uk is the official site of Halifax. You can login at www.halifax.co.uk. Here the information is provided about the Halifax. Halifax provides you the all banking services. It also provides you online banking services. You can also use the online service of Halifax after login. For login you must have your user id and password. The process of login is given below.

Halifax was founded in 1853. Halifax bank is situated in the United Kingdom. Halifax is used as brand for Bank of Scotland in United Kingdom. Halifax is the UK’s largest bank. It provides residential mortgages loans and saving & current accounts to their customers. Halifax was a separate bank before 17 September 2007. Halifax’s headquarters is in West Yorkshire. “A Little Extra Help” is the slogan of Halifax.
Features of online banking:
  • You can view your balances.
  • You can set up and make your bill payments.
  • You can view recent transactions.
  • You can transfer your money to other accounts.
  • You can view a list of your direct debts.
It provides the personal banking and business banking. In personal banking it provides Bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, insurance, investment and pension, savings.
Bank account: In bank account services they provide accounts like- ultimate reward current account, reward current account, student bank account, and other bank account.
Ultimate reward current account [link]
Reward account [link]
Student bank account [link]
Other bank account [link]
  • You can set up and make your bill payments.
  • You can view recent transactions.
  • You can view a list of your direct debts.
  • You can transfer your money to other accounts.
  • You can view your balances.
Credit cards: In credit card services, you can buy credit cards online. Halifax provides different types of credit cards as mentioned below.
Purchases and balance transfer credit cards [link]
Balance transfer credit cards [link]
Student credit cards [link]
Charity research credit cards [link]
Reward credit cards [link]
  • You can transfer balances from other credit or store cards.
  • You can view your last statement and balance.
  • You can pay your monthly credit card statement online
Savings: Savings is very useful for everyone. Halifax gives the interest to the saving accounts. Halifax assessment your accounts and discuss the right balance to meet your financial needs. They provide regular savings, tax free savings, and children savings. For more information of savings you can click here.

Business banking: Halifax also provides the services of business. It gives current accounts, deposited accounts and many other for business.

Business current accounts: You can manage the current accounts of Halifax through online, phone, or through your local branch. If you have opened the business current account then you will get:
  • Unlimited transactions
  • No overdraft arrangement fee for the first 12 months
  • A Relationship Manager to look after all your business needs
For the more information of business current accounts you can click here.

Payment processing: You can pay through BACS. The meaning of BACS is Banker Automated Clearing Service. It is very easy way to make your payments through bacs. You can pay salaries and make monthly payments to the dealers. You can pay through CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Services). You can also pay through faster payments. It is also new system of payments. For more information you can click here.

International banking: You can pay international payments through fast transfer services and receiving funds internationally. If you have a client and you supply goods in the same country then currency account will help you. It offers you traveler’s cheques and foreign currency. For more details you can click here.

Overdrafts: Halifax offers you an overdraft. You can manage your working capital requirements through overdraft. Person can arrange overdraft that have the business current account with Halifax. You can pay the interest on the amount you borrow. For more information you can click here.

Interest rates: In 5th, March 2009 Bank of Scotland announces that its Reference Rate has been changed from 1.00% per annum to 0.50% per annum. For more information of interest rate you can click here.

Charges: For the information of charges you can click here.

How to “sign in to www.halifax.co.uk”?

First you have to open the official website of Halifax at www.halifax.co.uk for login. After opening the site, you will get the sign in option. For sign in you have to click on “sign in” button after entering your user id and password. If you are new user then you have to click on “start register” and enter the all required information.

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