Jan 12, 2011

www.Halifax.co.uk/activate – Activate Your Halifax Online Banking

Halifax online banking transactions include savings, mortgage, credit cards etc. and you can manage all these online. To manage your online transactions, you need to sign up for this website first and select your product type. Then, you will need to enter in your sort code number and account number or your roll number.

Are you a customer of Halifax? Would you like to save time and money by using Halifa Online Banking Service? If yes, go to www.halifax.co.uk/activate, you can activate your online service easily.

To activate, please make sure you have to hand the details of an account you already hold. These account details could be any of the following:

Roll number or account number and sort code
Eligible credit card number
Share Dealing PRN and PIN

Then visit this site, enter your account details and follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the registration process with 10 minutes.

Learn more from www.halifax.co.uk/activate

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