Feb 14, 2011

www.greendot.com/balance - Check Balance on Green Dot Mastercard

If you want Check Balance on Green Dot Mastercard visit the official Green Dot Online website (see link below). On the left side of the site, look for the "Account Log-In" section and you will have the option to "Create Online Password." If this is your first time creating your online account, choose this option and fill out the required information. You will need to have your check card with you to create an account. The picture to the left displays the main page with the "Log In" option to the left side of the screen shot.

Log in to the online account once you have created your password. On the main screen you will find your available balance plus any transactions you have recently completed.

Call customer service as a second way to check your balance. The number for customer service is (877) 434-3578. Please have your card on hand as you will be required to provide your card number and ZIP code in order to have your account accessed. Please also note that a $1 fee will be applied for calling customer service for balance inquiries.

Check your balance internationally by dialing (303) 296-2381 as an alternative to the toll-free domestic number. Customer services calls internationally also cost $1, which is charged to your card.

Check the transaction history page (see Resources below) if you want to see your transactions along with your balance. This will give you a much better picture of your overall balance.

Check Balance on Green Dot Mastercard visit www.greendotonline.com

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