Feb 14, 2011

www.WalmartMoneyCard.com - Login | Activation | Sticker Walmart Money Card

Walmart is the largest retailer in the US and have stores all over the US. It also offers a Visa prepaid class that you can reload and add funds each time.

Many prepaid debit card will boasts of no issuance fee, no credit check and no overdraft fees. The Walmart Money Card also touts the same benefits. The no issuance fee only applies if the application was made online and any application is still subject to the verification of identity even though no credit check is needed for approval.

Temporary Card Activation

If you bought your Walmart money card then you can activate your card www.walmartmoneycard.com/OnlineActivation

You need your activation number from your sales receipt and then the last 4 digits of your temporary card. However, this is only a temporary card.

New Personalized Card

If you just received your personalized Walmart Money Card through the mail, then you can activate at www.WalmartMoneyCard.com/Sticker The card will not be active until you enter in the information with your password since you may have funds in your account and Walmart needs to protect your fund from unauthorized use until you have activated it with a password.

Once you are ready to use the card, you can login to www.WalmartMoneyCard.com to manage your account online.

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