Mar 27, 2011 - Login PNC Virtual Wallet is the website for PNC Virtual Wallet that takes money management to a complete different level. It is a suite of personal financial management tools offered by PNC that helps you take control of your financial. Virtual Wallet is made up of three different accounts in one virtual wallet. One account is reserved for daily spending and bills. Another account is for your short term savings and the third is for growth. For mobile experience, you can download the iPhone App though there is no Android app as of yet. The PNC Virtual Wallet has gotten some great reviews from various magazines and customers. The website itself also contains very useful demo and a helpful FAQ section.

In the, the spend account is your checking account which you can tap to pay for your expenses. The reserve account then helps to protect against any overdrawn funds and also save up for rainy days. The growth account allows you to save for the future and get some growth returns. You only need $25 minimum to open and there is no monthly service charge or minimum balance requirements. A higher interest rate is offered on the growth account for the PNC Virtual Wallet. If you are already an existing customer, you can login to the PNC Virtual Wallnet. If you are a new customer, start saving and apply for the PNC virtual wallet at

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