Mar 29, 2011 - Rocket Mail Sign In Page shares the same website for Yahoo! mail login. Just another alternative domain from Yahoo! Mail. This serves as an alternative for users who prefer premium services by having a unique functional email address. Rocketmail runs through the same services as Yahoo!. If you registered for a Yahoo! account with a rocketmail email address, be sure to include @rocketmail when you sign in to your Yahoo! account. Your Yahoo! ID is your full email address. If you have a rocketmail email address, log in to Yahoo! by typing your complete username/email address for eg:

Most states provide this service in which users may have an option to either use Yahoo!, rocketmail or ymail, which all run through the same management. When users try to access the site and they don’t have any existing premium service yet with Yahoo!, they would be redirected over to the free mailing service which will welcome them to simply sign up or to sign up with the service. This may change in the future since most users are not be aware of the difference between the sign up with and without the service. Perhaps more details about the service and the rate may be included during the sign up.

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