Apr 2, 2011

www.MyPrepaidBalance.com - MetaBank Visa Credit Card Balance

If you dont have a credit or debit card or you are worried about using one in restaurants,malls or in stores or maybe online while you are shopping and you are worried that your main card details and the amount can be hacked into, you can use a prepaid card. MetaBank brings you My Prepaid Balance card's which you can use like your regular credit or debit cards and make purchases, go shopping with it and use it in your favorite restaurants without the hassles and constant worry of security.

Just get any one of the cards that are offered by My Prepaid Balance which suits your needs. Various cards that are offered are gift cards,re-loadable cards,travel cards and youth cards. The gift cards are a great option to give it as a gift for someone you adore, and they can spend and use the card as they like and make the most out of it. Why not buy yourself a re-loadable card which can be reloaded once the balance on the card goes empty? Now, you can forget about the trouble of carrying cash all the time and just use your My Prepaid Balance card and have a great time swiping.

If you are an existing card customer, login to www.MyPrePaidBalance.com to pay your bill and check balance.

If you are a new customer, you can activate your card at www.myprepaidbalance.com/activate

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