Jul 12, 2011

www.AccelaPay.com - AccelaPay US Bank Card

The AccelaPay card is a prepaid debit card and not a credit card. You can spend only the amount that is the balance on your card and what you have prepaid. However, you can use it anywhere a debit card is accepted. As the name suggests AccelaPay is "accelerate a pay" . The balance can only be topped up by an employer who participates in the program. You cannot top it up yourself and the balance will come funded from your employed. www.AccelaPay.com is the website for the USBank AccelaPay Card.

AccelaPay helps you get money the easy way and everyone qualifies. It is reloadable with payment automatially deposited on time, reliably and with no lost checks or trips to the bank to bank in your check. You can also use AccelaPay card to get cash at ATMs and cash back at Interlink merchants such as in some supermarkets and retail stores. AccelaPay comes with quick enrollment and the prestige of a Visa card and is safer than carrying cash. Visit www.AccelaPay.com

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