Jul 12, 2011

www.MyKPlan.com - Login MyKPlan ADP Retirement Services

MyKPlan.com allows you to manage your retirement plan that are typically sponsored by an employer program. By enrolling in tht plan, you can have tax advantaged earnings where funds are deducted from your payroll before tax. You can then invest these tax-free earnings into funds to generate investment returns that are tax free. In MyKPlan, you can also manage your own asset allocation and are also presented with an approved list of investment option. Your payroll deductions are automatically credited into your retirement account.

If you are already a MyKPlan participant, you just need to login to the account to manage your retirement plan. MyKPlan contact phone number is not available on the website, but you can try contacting VRS (Voice response system) or ADP phone number for Client Services at 1-800-929-2170. If you are the sponsor, you can login to www.MyKPlan.com/Sponsor. Otherwise, go to www.MyKPlan.com

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