Jul 5, 2011

www.Regions.com/Coverage - Regions Overdraft Protection

www.Regions.com/Coverage is the web page for Regions Bank that markets standard overdraft coverage. An overdraft results when you make transactions on your checking accounts that exceeds the balance in your bank. In this case, your bank may usually charge you a heavy overdraft fee. However, if you have Regions Overdraft Protection, than you can be protected against any overdraft fees and your transactions may even be covered.

Regions Bank overdraft fees are $35 for its standard overdraft coverage. If the overdraft limit is less than $5, you may not be charged a fee. However, you will need to opt in to this overdraft coverage feature which you can on your Account service page. You can have further overdraft protection by linking your accounts so that if one account has an overdraw, funds can be deducted from other linked accounts. For more overdraft information, visit www.Regions.com/Coverage.

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