Oct 28, 2015

www.chase.com/online - Activate Chase Credit Debit Cards

We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below for you to activate or verify your Chase Credit or Debit card online.

how to activate- Chase Credit or Debit Cards

what you need:
  • internet access
  • an official Chase Credit or Debit card
  • phone number on file with Chase
  • social security number or tax id
  • other personal information
what to do:
  • visit: www.chase.com/online so that you can proceed to create a new account to activate your Chase credit or debit card
  • click on the green “Enroll Now” button
  • select the radio button to specify if it is a business account, otherwise continue to the next step and leave the button on personal account
  • type in either your Chase credit or debit card number or account number in the space provided
  • type in your social security number in the spaces provided
  • create and type in a user id in the space provided
  • click on the “Next” button
  • proceed to provide all the required information on the “Identification Code” page, “Password” page, “Legal Agreements” page and “Services” page
  • once you have correctly provided all the requested information you will receive and confirmation page for your records NOTE: from here you may need to click on the link “Activate My Card” to finish the process

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