Jan 9, 2011

www.MBNA.co.uk/activate – Activate Your MBNA Credit Card

Get a new MBNA credit card? You should go to www.MBNA.co.uk/activate to activate your card online before you use it normally. After activation, you can use your card to shop online or in store, pay your payments, and more.

How to Activate Your Credit Card:

1. Visit www.MBNA.co.uk/activate login your MBNA online banking account with your user name and password. If you don’t have an online banking account, you should need to enrol before you activate your card online. Click here to enrol now!

2. After login, click on ”Activate credit card” link on “My Accounts” page, then follow the instructions to complete the activation process.

Click here to activate your credit card now!

When you activate your card, you can also use the online banking system to view your statement, review recent account activity, make payments and transfer balances online.

Learn more from www.MBNA.co.uk/activate

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