Feb 13, 2011

www.MyPremierCreditCard.com - Login Premier Bank Card

www.MyPremierCreditCard.com is the online website for First Premier Bank. If you are a new Premier Card member, you can enroll on the website. If you are already an existing member, you can login to the website.

Unfortunately, First Premier Bank does not make it easy to view your current card contracts online. You have to request a copy of your credit card agreement through the CardHolder Inquiry after you login. You can also request a copy of your current card contract through customer service at 1-800-987-5521. I wish they can make it easier to access the card contract.

Many people have asked about if the First Premier Credit card is a scam. Well, the card is legitimate and people only feel that it is a scam when they don't read or do not understand the terms and conditions associated with the cards. Be sure to obtain the latest current card contract to know what the fees and APR are for the card. Unless things changes, there are many fees associated with the card such as an account set up fee, annual free, program fee, express delivery fee, etc. So, if you have not sign up, be sure to check out the fees associated with the card before making a decision.

To login you can just enter in your registered user name. To enroll on the website, you will need your card and then you will have to enter in the account number and other information including the CVV 3 digit number found at the back of your card. Visit www.MyPremierCreditCard.com. Leave us a feedback on your experience with the card and the website.

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