Apr 2, 2011

www.Mo-Access.com - Missouri Access Card Balance

If you want to check your Missouri Access Card Balance visit www.Mo-Access.com is the website for the new Missouri Access card site by Central Bank. Please make sure you do not misspell the site as www.mo-acess.com. The Missouri Access Card is a MasterCard that is a card that has your unemployment benefits deposited by the Division of Employment security in Missouri. Instead of sending your benefit amount through a check in the mail, you can get it electronically deposited into the Missouri access card. The benefits and payments are processed from Monday to Friday and you can get free text alerts whenever payments are deposited into the account.

To check balance, transaction history and deposit information, you can go online to www.mo-access.com. Mo Access.com will require you to sign in with your passcode which is different from your PIN number since your PIN number is used to call the IVR system. If you have any trouble logging in, please call the Missouri Access Card customer service phone number at 1-888-775-3445. Otherwise, login to your Missouri Access Card portal to check balance information at www.mo-access.com.

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