Mar 25, 2011 - Activate My Visa Gift Card

To activate your Visa Gift Card you will need to visit or call (866) 357-7391. You will also need the activation code that was sent to the purchaser in a separate envelope. Your Visa Gift Card can not be activated without this code. is Gift Card Mall gift card online activation page. Most of the gift cards purchased from do not need to register, however if you were applying for VISA gift card, you need to visit this page to activate the card. If you are not sure whether you need to activate your card online to use it, contact Gift Card Mall customer service team at 877-426-2551 or send them an email at For Visa Ideal gift card services, visit or call 866-505-7955.

The activation process at is easy. Select activation type between individual card and bulk activation, and choose card by retailer(optional), enter your gift card number, enter activation code which is a 4 digit code that is located inside the gift card carrier that was sent to you by And that is, with correct information, your gift card is activated. Remember the gift card can not be replaced if it is lost or stolen.

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