Mar 24, 2011 - Log On ANZ Online Banking

ANZ is a global bank headquartered in Melbourn , Australia and having its correspondent branches across the world, the bank has its presence in around 30 countries across the world. ANZ has both personal banking and small business banking facilities as well. ANZ is pretty much useful for the people who want to travel to other countries quite frequently or occasionally as ANZ offers travel money and international payments too. ANZ offers 50 different curries, Its pretty much convenient to use ANZ bank cards, the ANZ bank and currency exchange centers are located in the website and is quite is to locate in almost all the important cities across the globe. is the website for ANZ Online Banking where you can log on to ANZ Online banking services. ANZ offers internet and phone banking facilities throughout the world. Customers can apply for any ANZ bank products through online facility. ANZ has more than 2600 ATM counters nationwide, and 8500 EFTPOs terminal as well. In Australia, customers can recharge Telstra and Optus recharge via ANZ. ANZ bank offers extra protection and security to its customers. Apart from all these facilities, ANZ helps you buy a new home, investors help, refinancing your loan as well. At ANZ website, customers can calculate how much money they can borrow from ANZ using a calculator, This is pretty useful for customers who want to buy new homes. ANZ offers excellent advice and support on education, superannuation and retirement. If you would like to know about the ANZ credit cards, they are simply awesome! with a very low annual fee account and 44 days interest free account as well. You can also easily access your account services and log on to ANZ online banking at

For MasterCard and all the other cards, the interest rate is pretty less. ANZ offers different cards for customers based on their needs, they can apply for these cards online, or just call the then on 13 33 33 or can visit any of the ANZ branch for assistance. ANZ offers attractive balance transfer terms and customers can contact the customer care quite easily from anywhere in the world. They can call 1800 033 844 for lost or stolen cards, and 1800 652 033 for general inquiries as well. Every other information is available on the website at

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