May 23, 2011 - Activate My Sony Rewards Gift Cards

A Sony Rewards gift card may be purchased with Sony Rewards points. Members of the Sony Rewards program may redeem points for gift cards at popular stores such as Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, and Macy's. If you have purchased or received a Sony Rewards gift card you will need to activate it before you can begin using it towards your store purchases.

1. Check your email. Once you have received a Sony Rewards gift card, Sony will send you an email with a confirmation code and a link to the activation website.

2. Go to the activation website. As of October 2010 the Sony Rewards gift card activation website is

3. Enter your gift card number. The gift card number must correspond with the email address of the person who purchased the Sony rewards card. The number must appear exactly as it does on the card, with no dashes or spaces. Click "next" to begin the activation process.

4. Verify your activation. You will need to answer questions based on information you or the person who gave you the card entered when it was purchased. Once verified, your card will have been activated and you may begin to shop.

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