Jun 21, 2011

Cardholder.ComData.com - ComData Card Holder Services

Cardholder.comdata.com Established in 1969, Comdata is a payment processor as well as issuer of fleet fuel cards, corporate spending cards, paperless payroll cards and assists most of the major industries like retail, hospitality, restaurants, construction, government and many more in the United States, in virtual payments service and to secure truck permits.

Www.Cardholder.Comdata.com is the site through which you can avail the services that Comdata extends to its cardholders. You can click the link; ‘Cardholders Register Here’ on the top left of this page and enter your card number and activation code to register. After this, you will receive your username and password, which you can enter and monitor your card account online, from anywhere and as per your convenience. This cardholder services internet portal of Comdata will help you to monitor the transactions made on your card, view the balances and pay your utility bills by using your card. If you ever forget your username, you can visit the ‘Username’ link in this site, provide your card number and email address and submit a request for resending it.

Similarly for the case of password, you can click the ‘password’ link, provide your username and email address and a new password will be sent to your email address. The site provides you the facilities of downloading Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox and even provides you the scope of checking the Adobe Acrobat Reader installation on your computer for viewing Comdata’s invoices and management reports. Login now at Cardholder.comdata.com

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