Jun 10, 2011

www.RiteAid.com/PharmacySurvey - Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey

www.RiteAid.com/PharmacySurvey is the pharmacy survey website for Rite Aid. To get started with the survey, you will need to get the receipt from your recent Rite Aid purchase. On the receipt, you should be able to find a 16 digit code that is printed on the front of the receipt. Enter the 16 digit in groups of 4 digits in each of the box available for entry on the home page there. Once you finish the survey which takes about 10-15 minutes of your time, you will then be given an online coupon which you can print to redeem the offer that is shown on the survey invitation.

The coupon offer includes a non-transferable coupon that is valid for one in-store purchase and has an expiration date of 14 days. Once you use the coupon, the barcode for the coupon will no longer be included. Sales tax still applies and cannot be exchanged for its cash equivalent. The coupon also cannot be used for items like prescript.ion, co-pays, prepaid cards, stamps and some other items.

Therefore, if you shop frequently at Rite Aid, it is worthwhile to visit RiteAid.com/PharmacySurvey and spend some time to complete the survey as 10 to 15 minutes of your time would equate to a $15 coupon.

Website: www.RiteAid.com/PharmacySurvey

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