Jul 17, 2011

www.Walmart.com/Credit - Walmart Credit Card

Walmart consumers to apply for the Walmart credit card at www.Walmart.com/Credit. If you use your Walmart credit card on the day you open the account, you can get $20 back when you spend more than $100. At www.Walmart.com/Credit, you can start a Walmart credit card application for a new account, login and manage your account summary and transactions. You can also click on Contact Us to find the customer service phone number.

Walmart the biggest and the best in business for retail with its discounted stores all over the country. It has a great selection of products and stocks almost all the products that you can imagine. Tts ranked very high in Forbes and Fortunes list and is easily the largest retailer in the country. You name the product and you can usually find it at Walmart and you can also easily access www.walmart.com and shop online. If you want a Walmart credit card, then visit www.walmart.com/credit

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