Jul 17, 2011

www.Progressive.com/Snapshot - Progressive Insurance Snapshot Discount

www.Progressive.com/Snapshot is the website for Progressive Insurance where you can enroll to reduce your insurance and get a discount for your car insurance. Looking to reduce your car insurance? Look no further. Progressive have launched a new campaign titled as "Savings With Snapshot" where in you can get discounts on your car insurance by the virtue of how you drive. Some of the things to keep in mind is your road sense,traffic safety and weather. The Snapshot device will measure how aggressive you drive, how fast and monitor your driving habit. However, it will not track your location and respects your privacy.

In short, the savings with snapshot will reward for your safe driving skills.You can get up to 9 percent of discount depending on your state location and your driving habits and driving skills. So want to give it a shot? Enroll yourself at the Progressive website at www.progressive.com/snapshot and sign up yourself when you buy the Progressive car insurance policy. Then you will have to install the device which you will get in to your mail. Just plug the device in your car and follow the instructions that comes with it. Not all states are qualified, so be sure to check your eligibility by visiting www.progressive.com/snapshot select your state.

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