Oct 31, 2015

www.hrblock.com/emerald - Activate Emerald Card from H&R Block

We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below for you to activate your new H&R Block Emerald card.

how to activate – Emerald Card from H&R Block

what you need:
  • internet access
  • a valid H&R Block Emerald card
what to do:
  • visit www.hrblock.com/emerald
  • scroll down and click on the “Support” link or any “Support” link you find
  • scroll down to the section titled “H&R Block Financial Services Products” and click on the link titled “Emerald Prepaid MasterCard FAQs”
  • click on the “FAQs” tab
  • read the information found under the question titled “How can I get an H&R Block Emerald Card?”
  • begin using your card

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