Nov 21, 2010

UpSide Prepaid Card Activation- Active UpSide Prepaid Card

Upside Card If you are over 18, you can register for the UPside prepaid card. There is no fee involved or money needed to register, but you will need a Social Security Number for verification of your date of birth. To begin registration, Click Here

The card is sent to the billing address provided at enrollment. If a debit/credit card is used to fund the prepaid account, for security purposes, we always ship the UPside card to the billing address of that same credit card. Please note that we cannot ship to PO Boxes.

You should receive your card within 10 business days after registering.

You can activate your card by calling 1-866-845-6273 from your home telephone or by clicking the “Activate my Card” link on the website. You will need their four-digit Customer Service Access Code (CSAC), or last four digits of SSN.

Click here for how to load funds.

If you registered with UPside more than 10 business days ago and you have not yet received your card, please call customer service at 866-845-6273 or email customer service at

The UPside prepaid card account has lower fees than other spending cards available. And the majority of these fees can be avoided by managing your card correctly - checking your balance online, loading funds from an employer or from a checking account, making sure you always have suitable funds on your prepaid card account. Below is a list of fees:
General Fees
Activation Fee None
Yearly fee None
Monthly maintenance fee Up to $0.99 with $500 + loaded/month (reg. $2.99)
Companion card maintenance fee Free with $1000 + loaded/month (reg. $1.99)
Loading your UPside card with Direct Deposit Free
Loading your UPside card from another debit or credit card $2.80 per load.

Cash Withdrawal $1.70 for withdrawals + fee charged by ATM provider
Balance inquiry $0.99 in addition to any fee which may be charged by the ATM provider.

Customer Service
Customer Service via email or our website. Free
Phone inquiry to the automated voice-response system $0.99 per call
Phone inquiry to a live agent $2.00 surcharge per call (in addition to $0.99 call fee). Remember, customer service via email is free!
Card replacement
Standard fee $9.95
Express delivery $14.95 surcharge

Inactivity fee None
Negative balance fee None
Decline fee on POS None
Decline fee on ATM withdrawal $2.00 per decline.
Check issuance fee One free check each month (Postage included). Each additional check issued incurs a $2.00 fee.
Foreign currency conversion 2% (in addition to the currency conversion rate)
Account closure fee None
Optional check issuance fee for reimbursing remaining funds on card balance Free if requested online. $12 if check is requested through a live agent.

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