Mar 24, 2011 - Login Canada Savings Bond

If you have purchased bonds through the Payroll Savings Program can be accessed on is web site for accessing your online account service. Please note that this online account service is not available for bonds that have certificates, or bonds held in The Canada RSP and The Canada RIF. provides a online account service with secure access with high encryption which allows you you to check your plan activities, redeem your bonds, and receive tax information and statements.The web site has two languages that are currently supported in English and French.The web site is best viewed with browser version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 - 7.0 and FireFox 2.0 – 3.1.

After selecting your language users will be directed to the secure online access page from where they can access their payroll savings by logging in to their Secure Online Account Access with their Client Id and Password.The security mechanism has been improved and enhanced so you must now provide a valid email address and use a strong password format. Their are two options to sign in one is with your client id and password, please make a note that the client id is not the your Plan Number. And if have already purchased CSBs through a payroll plan, but have never obtained a Client ID and password, you can access it by following the option 2. You must register yourself to receive a unique Client ID and select a Password.

To begin, have your plan number available (as reported on your last statement). And in case if you have forgotten your client id and password you can re register yourself by providing your first and last name and your Plan Number.The plan Number is ten digits and starts with 2. Make sure your read the "Terms of Use" and the "Privacy Notice" that are found at the bottom of the site after you log in. For your protection, your online session is encrypted using SSL 128-bit encryption so if some user inactivity is their for some time the session might expire and you will have to log in once again with your client id and password.Login now at

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