Mar 29, 2011 - Nestle Aeroplan Points Promotion is the website for Nestle Aeroplan Points Promotion where you can earn 25 bonus Aeroplan miles by buying Nestle products such as the cookies and cream drumstick ice cream. Participating products include Nestle Icecream, chocolates and pet food. If you deposit your first Nestle PIN, you can earn a 100 Aeroplan bonus miles. Then, you can earn an additional 25 miles per 2 PIN deposited with products such as Nestle Kit Kat Bites, Big Turk Bites, Mini Rolo Smarties, Mack Bites and others.

To participate, just enter your deposit PIN at You can find the PIN printed on either the lid for an ice cream tub, the inside of a product package, inside of a box and they have to be specially marked packages. To enter your PIN visit

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