Mar 23, 2011 - PayPower Visa Prepaid Card

If you want to Login your PayPower Visa Prepaid Card visit is a website operated by Blackhawk Network Inc. This website features the PayPower Visa Prepaid Card issued by MetaBank Inc. This card is very useful to all because it allows secured and safe transferring of money. If this card is lost or stolen, the funds on card is insured by FDIC. You can use this card during an emergency as there is no need of carrying liquid cash or passbook of bank all time. Its most prominent features are as follows: it can be used in ATMs, card gets activated online, allows easy single payment or recurring payment, sends money to another Paypower card account, facilitates easy convenience in shopping and purchasing etc. Furthermore, card holder will receive promotional offers.

Paypower card is actually very useful for people who wants to control their monthly budget and curb overspending. Just like a true friend you can rely on this card. For Login and more information on this card, visit

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