Mar 23, 2011 - America's Servicing Company Mortgage Website

If you want to brought to you by Equal Lender Processing Services for America’s Servicing Company is the website for Mortgage Account Online which is You will be redirected to the site In this tough times and prevailing economic conditions, if you are facing difficulty, problems and trouble keeping up with mortgage payments, you may be able to get more affordable payments through the government’s Making Home Affordable program. If you have trouble logging in, you can call America's Servicing Company phone number at 866-674-1430.

The user can check their eligibility using the self-assessment tools on the U.S. Treasury’s official Making Home Affordable site at the link If you are currenlty facing problems in keeping current and making mortgage payments, you might be eligible for the Home Affordable Program. For a more detailed resource and information visit the website of Wellsfargo for stability plans at So once you have applied you can check your status on their website and you can register your self with a user name and password through the Welcome to Customer Care Net website on

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