May 1, 2011 - Electronic Diversity Visa - Green Card Lottery Entrant Status Check is the website for Electronic Diversity Visa - Green Card Lottery Entrant Status Check where you can check the status of your Green Card Lottery entry. For a short period of time, anyone can enter the Green Card Lottery for a chance to work and live in the United States and get a
Green Card. I had not been aware that such a thing even existed until one of my foreign friends in college mentioned it. I asked her what it was. And she explained to me that the US Government provides a chance for some people to win the Green Card Lottery and live and work in the United States.

I thought that this Green Card Lottery would be as impossible to get as the actual lottery. I was absolutely amazed when she told me that one of her friends actually got it. If you want to enter the Green Card Lottery, there is a limited time frame when you can apply for it. That window has already closed if you were looking to apply for 2012. However, if you did apply, then you can check your status at the website below. You will need your confirmation number, your last name/family name and the year of your birth in order to check. Check Green Card Lottery Entrant Status visit

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