Jul 30, 2011

www.RapidFS.com - Login Rapid Pay Card Visa

When you login to your Rapid Paycard online, you can view the transaction history of your card and also access the balance information on it. RapidFS.com provides a secure site for cardholder to login using their 16 digit card number on their rapid paycard and a password which you need to set up if it is your first time.

Rapid Paycard is a great way to pay employees where instead of mailing your employee a check every time, you give them a Rapid Paycard that allows them to access their payroll using a Visa card. By doing so, employees save trips to the bank to bank in their check and you don't have the administrative headache of dealing with lost checks in the mail. The Rapid Paycard also allows employees who may otherwise not have a credit card to get a credit card. Login now at www.rapidfs.com.

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