Jul 29, 2011

www.Rent.com/Rewardcard - Rent Reward card |Prepaid Visa Debit Card Claim

www.Rent.com/Rewardcard is the website for Rent Reward card |Prepaid Visa Debit Card Claim. Go to www.rent.com/rewardcard and find answers to your questions about the $100 Reward card the prepaid Visa debit card. Activate your card and access your account information online. Review the activity on it and check the purchases you made with it. Whenever you make a purchase the money gets deducted from the remaining balance on the Reward Card. complete $100 Reward Card Policy.

You do not need to apply to receive this one like you have to when you want a credit card. You know the procedure to get your hands on a credit card, however to claim the reward card you simply have to fill out the lease report form, complete the $100 Reward Card Policy at www.rent.com/rewardcard . It being a prepaid visa debit card it doesn't work like a credit card that has a line of credit which has to be paid off.

You use the $100 Reward card until the balance remains. If you have forgotten the activation code it will be sent to by email. It is very necessary to activate the prepaid Visa debit card before you use it. More information visit www.rent.com

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